Valheim Has A First-Person Mod, And It Actually Works

Steam’s viking survival hit Valheim has a first-person mod, and it actually works pretty well. The game has only been out for a few weeks, and it doesn’t have official mod support yet, but Valheim’s player base has been hard at work on improving certain aspects of the game. A modder who goes by Kailen crafted the mod, and it’s available at Nexus Mods.

PC Gamer has some footage of the mod in action, and it seems to work reasonably well, albeit with some issues. For example, using a shield in first-person blocks your view, making it pretty ineffective as a combat tool. There’s definitely some clipping going on when you look around and move at the same time, particularly when you look down. However, since the mod allows you to use your mouse wheel to switch between first-person and third-person, it’s easy to toggle between the two for the best experience.

Valheim’s first person mod requires you to install a mother mod called BepInExPack that prepares the game for Unity modding, but it’s relatively simple to set up. The other popular Valheim mod of the moment is Valheim Plus, which overhauls many aspects of the game, most notably its construction system. This mod gives you the ability to fine-tune your buildings by rotating and adjusting their angles down to the most minute details.

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