Valheim Bonemass Boss Guide – How To Kill The Swamp Boss

Valheim’s third boss is Bonemass, a giant green blob that makes the Swamp biome its home. Defeating it is tough, as the huge boss is relentless and uses massive attacks that are tough to dodge. With the right tools and strategies, though, you can defeat Bonemass and claim its power. Here’s everything you need to know to beat the boss.

You’ll need to clear out Eikthyr, the Meadows boss, and The Elder, the boss of the Black Forest biome, to get complete access to the Swamps. You’ll also want the toughest Bronze armor you have access to before entering the area, as the Swamps are full of deadly enemies that can poison you for massive damage. We’ve outlined the gear that’ll give you the best chances against Bonemass, even if you’re fighting the boss without your Viking comrades.

How To Find Bonemass

Like other Valheim bosses, you can only summon Bonemass at specific altars. To find the location of such an altar, you’ll need to interact with rune stones located in the Swamps. These are found in the Sunken Crypts dungeons in the Swamp–you’ll need the Swamp Key, earned by defeating The Elder, to get into them. Once you find a rune stone and interact with it, Bonemass’s location will be marked on your map.

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