V-MODA Crossfade M-200 studio reference headphones are coming to India


V-Moda Crossfade M-200 succeeds the M-100 and is the company’s first studio reference headphones. These are unlike your standard pair of headphones as it has uniquely been crafted for musicians, composers, audio engineers and record producers alike. Even audiophiles who carry a DAC or hi-res Walkman can probably use it to their advantage.

The M-200 follows Crossfade’s iconic design for a natural and crisp audio output, which will suit the needs of producers and sound professionals. The headphones are Hi-Res certified by the Japan Audio Society for reproducing detailed frequencies up to 40kHz. 

V-Moda M-200 features 50mm drivers supported by neodymium magnets, Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire (CCAW) voice coil, and some fine-tuning courtesy of Roland engineers.

The M-200 analog headphones have a closed-back design enabling noise isolation while the adjustable headband comes in handy for single-ear monitoring when recording in the studio. The headphones are paired up with a single-side cable that provides a more balanced sound, and the SpeakEasy 1-button mic cable can be used to take calls.

Some of the optional cables supported by M-200 include a CoilPro Cable with TwistLock technology for extending the listening range for producers and DJs. The BoomPro Microphone offers clear communications while playing games. The SpeakEasy DAC/AMP Lightning cable allows studio-quality sound for iPhones without a headphone jack. There’s an audio-only cable as well, which doesn’t have a remote and supports analog sound.

V-Moda provides a re-designed exoskeleton case with the M-200 along with a carabiner clip. The case has been modified to include more accessories while the carabiner will let users secure it by clipping to the bag.

The V-Moda M-200 has a 2-year warranty and is available to pre-order on HeadphoneZone.

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