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[Update: Fix rolling out] Google Photos is messing up old backed-up images for some users

Update (09/27/2022 @ 01:51 ET): Google has issued a statement regarding the issue. Scroll to the bottom for more information. The article as published on September 26, 2022, is preserved below.

Many Google Photos users have reported seeing artifacts in old backed-up images in the last few days. The issue seems to affect photos uploaded over five years ago, adding lines, dots, deep cracks, and what looks like water stains not present on the original uploads.

A support thread highlighting the issue includes various examples showcasing the extent of damage seen on older images, with users reporting the artifacts on Google Photos across all platforms.

User reports on Reddit suggest that the artifacts persist even after downloading the images, either directly from Google Photos or using Google Takeout, which is rather concerning. However, some say that clearing the cache resolves the issue.

Artifacts in old backed-up image on Google Photos.

Credit: u/mundeth

Interestingly, a few users say that opening the affected photos in the Google Photos image editor removes the artifacts. This suggests that the original uploads might not have the artifacts after all. But we’ll have to wait for Google to release an official statement to know for sure.

In case you haven’t gone through your old Google Photos backups in a while, now would be a good time to do so. Drop a comment if you also see artifacts in old images, and let us know if clearing the cache resolves the issue.

We sincerely hope Google manages to rectify this problem ASAP, as many Android users rely solely on Google Photos for their image backups. If you are facing this issue and want to switch over to another service to avoid losing your precious photos, you should check out our top picks for the best Google Photos alternatives.

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Via: 9to5Google

Update: Google has started rolling out a fix

Google has issued the following statement regarding the issue:

“We’re aware of the issue and are rolling out a fix. The original photos are not impacted.”

The company has not provided a definite timeline for the rollout, but affected photos should be restored to their original state in the next few days.

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