Unlikely Rumor Claims Next Windows 11 Feature Update Is Due in November

Microsoft continues the rollout of the original Windows 11 version, but in the meantime, the company is also working on the next major feature update that’s expected to debut this year.

While the software giant has already released several highly anticipated features to users enrolled in the Windows Insider program, and some of them are expected to be part of this upcoming update, the company hasn’t said a single thing about the actual ETA of the release for production devices.

This does nothing more than to fuel all the speculation regarding the debut of the next major Windows 11 feature update, with contradictory information now swirling around the web, causing even more confusion in the Windows userbase.

One such tidbit has recently been posted on the Microsoft Community forums, with a “volunteer moderator” claiming the launch of the next Windows 11 feature is due in November.

“At present 22H2 version is released to windows insider users for testing purposes. … (read more)

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