Ukrainian Military Video Shows Russian Tank Being Blown Up to Crazy Frog Song

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has released a video on its official Facebook Page depicting the destruction of Russian tanks set to the Crazy Frog’s iconic cover of “Axel F.”

The Ukrainian Armed Forces posted the video Friday with the caption: “the occupiers continue to die in a glorious and aimless war,” according to Google Translate. The video shows a Russian tank creeping into a blast marked field as intimidating orchestral music plays.

Then the tank backs up and seems to take a blast. That’s when Crazy Frog’s obnoxious muttering almost-motorcycle noise starts. “What’s going on?” Reverberates on the audio track and “Axel F” begins in earnest as the camera pulls back and we see the tank destroyed from a great distance by some kind of artillery fire.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the central governing authority of the Ukrainian military. President Zelenskyy is the Commander-in-Chief, but the General Staff handles most of the day-to-day business of Ukraine’s military branches.

Its Facebook page has long been a source of music, memes, and propaganda. It airs Zelenskyy’s speeches, music videos, and home videos of eager children awaiting the return of their military parents. It also frequently posts footage of Russian military assets being destroyed. They often play humiliating songs over the footage to mock the Russian military.

Crazy Frog was incredibly popular in the early days of the internet, especially in Europe, and “Axel F” was once the most popular ringtone on the planet. Since then, the frog has fallen on hard times, gotten into NFTs, and been censored in the U.S. for waving his dick around on television.

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