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Twitter’s new leaders charged with helping Musk execute “dumb things”

Twitter’s new leaders charged with helping Musk execute “dumb things”

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Like many Twitter users, Elon Musk isn’t sure if any of his new ideas for Twitter are going to work, but unlike his many critics, he thinks that’s a reasonable expectation, given his predicament. In the past two weeks, he has taken on the enormous task of not just reimagining what Twitter can be to its users, but also of restructuring the entire business, including slashing the staff in half and pivoting to paid subscriptions. Musk tweeted yesterday to explain that he expects the year will end with Twitter still a mess: “Please note that Twitter will do lots of dumb things in coming months. We will keep what works and change what doesn’t.”

Among critics doubting that Musk can handle this enormous task is Chris Sacca, an early Twitter investor who tweeted out a long thread in which he fretted that Musk is “straight-up alone right now and winging this.” Sacca said in the thread that rather than surround himself with sycophants, what Musk needs to succeed at Twitter are more people around him to “speak some truth to power and complement his bold and ambitious instincts with desperately needed nuance.”

Now, Bloomberg reports that there’s finally a “glimmer of internal stability” at Twitter, as key leaders have emerged to help Musk steer Twitter’s products, content moderation, and advertising efforts. These include some longtime Twitter insiders who can possibly lend that nuance and provide some pushback that Sacca says Musk should be seeking.

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