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Twitter professionals can now create more engaging profiles with Location Spotlight

Social media can be a powerful tool, especially when properly optimized. Twitter is implementing new changes to its platform, giving businesses access to new tools that will hopefully lead to more engagement. The company’s Location Spotlight tool will roll out globally to those with professional accounts.

Over the past year, Twitter has been developing a tool in hopes that it could improve people’s interactions with professionals on its platform. This is how Location Spotlight was born, to put valuable information front and center. For quite some time, professionals on Twitter had to rely on a profile that provided little to no value. Now, professionals can better connect with an audience by creating a more robust profile. While the previous profile featured information such as general location, a profile bio, and a space for a website link, it was extremely limiting.

Going forward, a professional profile will be able to display more information, such as business hours, a phone number, address, and other details. Of course, businesses have been known to slip when it comes to keeping things up to date, but at least you know that things might be accurate if the account is tweeting semi-regularly. The best enhancement that arrives with Location Spotlight is that professional accounts will be able to include not only an address but also a link to get directions. By clicking on the “Get Directions” button, users will be presented with navigation guidance provided by Google Maps. Although this is exciting, it is just the beginning, as Twitter plans to launch more profile spotlights later this year.

Twitter Location Spotlight

In the near future, Twitter will introduce another tool called Professional Home. Professional Home will be an improved hub giving more insights, and metrics, and will house resources.  The update is expected to go live in the coming weeks, and improvements will be made to it throughout the year. Furthermore, Twitter will also begin a live online workshop series starting this month called “Taking Care of Business.” The live workshop, created by Twitter Flight School will be designed to help professionals who are just starting their journey. It will allow them to better understand the products available to them.

While it will be designed for beginners, the live workshop can be helpful to veterans, who are encouraged to join to freshen up their knowledge. The workshop will cover professional account settings, spotlights, and how to engage with an audience. You can register for a workshop by hitting this link. Additionally, in August, Twitter will offer courses aimed at small to medium size businesses. These courses will cover a variety of topics and will expand on the different tools available on its platform. If you’re curious about what you’re missing out on, you can always head into the settings menu on Twitter and activate your professional profile today. There is no cost, and you will gain access to valuable tools. If you aren’t sure, you can head to the Twitter Help Center for more information.

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