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Twitter doubles down on video and debuts a new video viewing experience

Twitter is updating its platform, doubling down on video, giving users a new immersive viewing experience and easier access to some of the most popular videos on the platform. The update will be available to iOS users who currently use the Twitter app in English.

Twitter users will now be able to watch videos with the platform’s new immersive viewing experience. This view doesn’t require any extra steps, you simply just tap on a video, and it will expand the video to fit the screen, giving you the best experience possible. Furthermore, Twitter users can now get sucked into an endless line of videos, thanks to the platform’s new interest in making video discovery easier.

Twitter TikTok Style Videos

When a video is expanded in its new immersive view, swiping up will reveal a new video. This process can be performed endlessly, offering users an uninterrupted experience when consuming content. Twitter states that if you want to get out of the immersive view, you can just click the back arrow found in the upper left-hand corner. In addition to the new view, the firm will implement a new video carousel that will be added to the platform’s Explore tab. The carousel will make it easier for users to watch and enjoy the most popular videos found on the platform.

Although Twitter really isn’t thought of as a first choice when it comes to watching videos, it’s easy to see why it’s pursuing this. TikTok has become a video juggernaut over the past few years, and many companies have tried to emulate some of its core features in order to cash in on some success. In addition to the new video viewing mode, Twitter has also been busy building a new audio hub with its revamped Spaces area featuring podcasts. It remains to be seen whether either of these changes will yield healthy and long term results.

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