Turn-Based Roguelite RPG The Hand of Merlin Coming to PC in May

The Hand of Merlin will be coming to PC via Steam Early Access in May courtesy to independent developer Room-C Games, Croteam, and indie publisher Versus Evil. A turn-based roguelite RPG that mixes elements of the Arthurian ethos and sci-fi horror genre, The Hand of Merlin promises to offer a bold and exciting way to tell a story.

In the upcoming game, players will recruit three mortal heroes on a journey from Albion to Jerusalem to explore medieval lands on the brink of apocalypse, ready to be conquered by an otherworldly evil.

The Hand of Merlin is an innovative genre clash that combines historical literature soaked in medieval legend with science fiction horror to create a really unique narrative. This creatively disruptive clash of worlds coupled with a rogue-lite RPG is a bold and exciting way to tell a story around a beautifully crafted game,” Said Steve Escalante, General Manager of Versus Evil.

To better depict the game, let’s just say that The H… (read more)

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