Trolley Problem, Inc. Review (PC)

How many people is it acceptable to potentially kill so that the world can potentially deal with climate change once and for all? This kind of thought experiment is a fun starting point for a debate between friends. It can also lead to real-world progress through examination of its assumptions, potential answers, and how various groups of people react to it. If you think you can make good ethical choices under pressure then Trolley Problem, Inc. is the kind of game you should take a look at.

The title is developed by Read Graves and published by Yogscast Games. I engaged with it on Steam on the PC. As the name clearly shows the game focuses on the well-known thought experiment and presents more ethical conundrums for gamers to work through.

Despite the focus on dilemmas the title actually has a narrative. The protagonist moves from the classic trolley set up to work in a hospital, dealing with transplants and vaccines. From there it’s on to a company working on sel… (read more)

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