Trek to Yomi Review (PC)

An archer pops up right in front of my Hiroki, forcing me to launch him into a roll to dodge an arrow. I could close the distance and slash him but it’s easier to throw a shuriken. He drops, I roll back and get ready to deal with the two bandits that run in. One lunge takes the first down, I parry the second and kill him as well. An armored foe is my next target, better able to withstand blows. The best way to engage him is by launching into my stun combo. Once he is no longer moving, I deliver a finisher to get some of my health back.

Trek to Yomi is developed by Leonard Menchiari and Flying Wild Hog, with Devolver Digital in charge of publishing. I played the game on Steam on the PC, but it is also offered on the Xbox Series X and S, the PlayStation 5, and older consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The title is a striking action game that wants to immerse players in a classic samurai tale.

Our protagonist is Hiroki, handy with a katana and with childhood trauma to s… (read more)

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