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Too Little, Too Late: Snapchat Now Has a Windows App

If you’re a long-time Microsoft user, you probably remember that Snapchat was one of the app that more or less had a major contribution to the demise of Windows Phone.

This is because Snapchat was one of the most important applications that ignored Microsoft’s mobile operating system, eventually pushing quite a lot of users to rival platforms. Snapchat rarely talked about its plans to join the Windows Phone push, and while third-party alternatives indeed made its way to the app store, an official client never got to see the daylight.

After so many years of ignoring Windows devices, Snapchat suddenly becomes interested in Microsoft’s modern push.

An official Snapchat app landed on the Microsoft Store for Windows devices earlier this week, but as you’ll discover in just a few seconds, it’s not special.

This is because the Snapchat app is essentially a PWA that runs using a browser engine. Available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users, the Snapchat client is therefo… (read more)

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