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Togges Review (PC)

There’s a secret I want to reach but the lock is on top of a column and surrounded by spikes. And to actually get it, I need to drop a cube, called a Togge, on top of it. They disappear when they touch the spikes. So I need to look around and find a way to lay a path of these sentient cubes through various terrain features and, somehow, make them touch the lock.

To make things even more complicated, the landscape is covered in weird blobs of darkness, which my Roomba-like character can hover up top open new paths. And there’s only a limited number of Togges I can use unless I find special boost cubes that will push the cap up. I plan to find how dropping my entire reserve on the smallest area possible will look, even if that’s not something the game asks of me.

It seems like a lot to juggle but while I think about how I can make progress, I am also roaming the delightful landscape, dropping cubes behind and around me. They all land with … (read more)

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