Time Loop Action Movie Boss Level Gets Streaming Release Date

Ever since Groundhog Day was released back in 1994, the idea of timeloops and repeating days has been, well, repeated in a variety of sci-fi and fantasy movies. More recent examples include Source Code, Edge of Tomorrow and the Happy Death Day films, and they will soon be joined by the action movie Boss Level.

Boss Level hits Hulu on March 5 and stars Frank Grillo (the Purge movies) and Mel Gibson (Lethal Weapon). Grillo plays a former special forces agent who finds himself trapped in a loop that constantly repeats the day of his murder. He begins to uncover a secret government plot controlled by Gibson’s evil colonel, who sends assassins after him to make sure he doesn’t break out of the loop.

Boss Level is directed and co-written by Joe Carnahan, who previously helmed The A-Team, The Grey, and Smoking Aces. It also stars Naomi Watts (Twin Peaks), Michelle Yeoh (Star Trek Discovery), and Annabelle Wallis (The Mummy).

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