Thymesia Looks Like Bloodborne With Weaponized Viral Warfare

Independent games label Team17 has announced that it has entered into a partnership to publish developer OverBorder Studio’s Thymesia later this year on PC. Thymesia is described as a punishing action role-playing game, where players have to survive a world ravaged by a deadly plague by combining weaponized diseases with fast-paced melee combat

While the game’s synopsis has big “read the room” energy considering the current global pandemic climate, anyone intrigued by the idea will be able to step into the boots of Corvus. The survivor of the deadly outbreak, Corvus has the ability to rip diseases from enemies and use them in combat against the numerous monsters in the world of Thymesia.

Overborder Studio says that players can also use an arsenal of Souls-like moves, such as parries, dodges, and other offensive abilities to survive. Corvus can also be customized with different gameplay builds, and the game will offer multiple endings if you can overcome the creatures that have been horrifically mutated by a deadly plague that has ravaged the land.

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