Thunderbird for Android Currently in the Works

When it comes to picking an advanced email app on Android and iPhone, there are plenty of choices in the two app stores, but at the same time, many people stick with the default clients as well.

On PC, however, while the number of email clients that can be installed on Windows, Linux, and macOS is pretty big, the choices most often come down to just a few names.

Thunderbird is one of them, as the open-source app is available cross-platform and comes with an impressive set of features that makes it one of the email clients currently out there.

And what’s more, Thunderbird is constantly getting better, and every new version includes additional refinements, capabilities, and so much more to make sure the app gets the job done. However, the lack of a mobile sibling has so far been quite a drawback for many people out there, as they were forced to use other clients on their smartphones.

Android to get it first

But as confirmed recently by Thunderbird… (read more)

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