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Three Things You Need to Know About the Microsoft Edge Password Manager

I don’t know about you, but I use unique passwords for all my accounts, and absolutely all passwords use a highly complex 18-character combination that would be a nightmare to crack.

Obviously, I’m using a password manager for the whole thing, as this is pretty much the only way to handle a great number of passwords of such a high complexity.

As a modern browser, Microsoft Edge comes with a password manager of its own, so if you’re using this application to browse the web, you can securely store your account without the need for a third-party alternative.

In other words, whenever you go to, you can allow Microsoft Edge to remember your credentials and always be assured that your data is secure.

How it does that? Here are three things that you must know.

AES-encrypted passwords stored on disks

Microsoft Edge doesn’t upload the passwords to a server, as they are stored locally and encrypted using AES.

The only way for an attacker t… (read more)

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