This Windows 11 Start Menu Concept Looks So Much Better Than the Real Deal

The new Start menu available in Windows 11 is a massive overhaul as compared to the version available in Windows 7 and Windows 10. It’s based on the Windows 10X counterpart, and in many ways, it proposes a simplified approach that for some people out there makes perfect sense.

But on the other hand, this doesn’t necessarily mean the new Start menu is everybody’s cup of tea.

This is why the number of concepts proposing a more modern design for the Start menu has skyrocketed lately, and reddit user Howdyy-boi242 has recently come up with one of the best works I’ve seen so far.

Their Start menu concept comes with everything you’d want, including not only the list of apps, but also what seem to be interactive live tiles, app integration for To-Do, and other small refinements here and there.

Interactive live tiles

Now a little bit about the interactive li… (read more)

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