This Loud Keyboard Will Make Your Neighbors Hate You – Video

Mechanical keyboards are cool for a wide variety of reasons, and one of them is the sound that they generate when pressing the keys.

And yet, this still isn’t enough for some people who just love the retro feeling of using a typewriter, and what better way to bring this back other than hacking your keyboard to sound like a typewriter?

This is what someone managed to do recently with an Arduino board and solenoids that are used to reproduce the typewriter sound.

The system is actually quite simple and anyone should be able to build the same thing using the instructions shared by the developer himself.

You can do it too

First and foremost, there’s the Python code that reads that you type on the keyboard and then sends the data to an Arduino board using a serial connection. The Arduino itself is connected to the PC with an USB cable, and using a piece of code reads … (read more)

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