This Little App Partially Fixes the Missing Windows 11 Drag and Drop to Taskbar

There’s a lot Microsoft needs to further polish in Windows 11, and without a doubt, the company is fully aware of most problems, especially given all the buzz created on social media after the rollout of the new operating system.

But some of the features missing from Windows 11 don’t make any sense, and the drag and drop to taskbar support is just the living proof in this regard.

Something so basic should totally be there in the world’s number one desktop operating system, and while Microsoft could be working on it right now, there’s no excuse not to include it from the very beginning.

And even more surprising is that it didn’t take more than a few hours for someone in the community to come up with a workaround.

Thank God for the Windows community

This little tool, now available freely for anyone running Windows 11, partially restores the Windows 11 drag and drop to taskbar support, though as you can see in the release notes on read more)

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