This Free App Puts Users in Full Control of Their Privacy on Windows 11

Back in the days when Windows 10 was still a new operating system, the integrated data collection system, which Microsoft insisted was supposed to help the company get crash information and improve Windows in the long term, caused a lot of criticism from users across the world.

Many wanted to block Microsoft from getting any data from their devices, and this is how applications like O&O ShutUp10 got to see the daylight.

What O&O ShutUp10 does is as simple as it could be: it provides full access to all privacy-related settings in Windows, therefore putting users in full control of their data on the operating system, even if this means blocking Microsoft from access crash data and other bug-related information.

This week, O&O ShutUp10 was officially updated with support for Windows 11, Microsoft’s new operating system whose rollout has started recently, while also getting a new name, so the app is now known as read more)

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