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These are the Best Accessories to buy for your Amazon Fire 7 tablet in 2022

The Amazon Fire 7 may not be the most modern-looking tablet around, but it’s hard to argue with the value it offers for its price. While it will not replace your iPad or your primary Android tablet, it’s a great little device you can dedicate to controlling your smart home devices, streaming Netflix and media, or reading books. Thanks to the vast library of apps and parental controls, it also makes for a great tablet for your little ones, and there’s a special version for Kids too if you want some more kid-friendly features.

Amazon recently refreshed the Fire 7 tablet with new hardware, adding a USB-C port, a faster processor, and a larger battery. If you’ve decided to pick one for yourself, it’ll be a good idea to grab some accessories to go along with it. Below, we’ve rounded up the best accessories for the Fire 7 (2022).


    Full-body protection for your tablet

    Adding a protective case will go a long way in protecting your Fire 7 from scratches and drops. This full-body case from Moka is made out of PU leather and features a trifold stand, allowing you to prop up the tablet at three different angles for hands-free content consumption. It also has an auto wake/sleep feature which is very convenient and you won’t be using the power button that often. Meanwhile, the strong magnets keep the lid firmly shut.


    Slim folding case with PU leather

    Made out of premium PU leather, this slim full-body case from CoBake is cheap and offers good protection. It has a microfiber interior and magnetic closure for easy opening and closing of your Fire 7. It also offers an auto wake/sleep function, letting you wake up the device when you open the case and put it back to sleep when you close the lid. You can pick it up in three colors: Black, Blue, and Pink.


    Put a screen protector on it

    Supershieldsz matte screen protector will not only keep your Fire 7’s display safe from fingerprints, dust and scratches, it also reduces glare for better readability and viewing experience. Three screen protectors are included in the package.

    Samsung EVO 64GB

    Add more storage

    The base model of the Fire 7 only packs 16GB of internal storage, which is not enough if you’re planning to install a lot of apps and media. But not to worry, the tablet supports microSD card expansion so adding more storage is easy. This 64GB Samsung EVO microSD card should give you plenty of room to store your photos, videos, documents, and apps. It has fast transfer speeds, water resistance, and a 10-year of warranty.

    Amazon Basic in-ear wired earphones

    Enjoy a more immersive media experience

    The Fire 7 has a single speaker which sounds mediocre. Thankfully, it has a 3.5mm audio jack so you can always plug in your earphones for watching movies or listening to music. These Amazon-branded in-ear wired headphones are well-built and offer good sound. They also have a built-in microphone for taking video calls.

    Eaxxfly 18W USB-C wall charger

    Speed up the charging speed

    The new Fire 7 2022 comes with a USB-C port but its charging speed is nothing to write home about. The bundled charging brick tops out at 5W and it takes about four hours to go from 0 to 100%. But thankfully you can use a fast charger to cut down the charging time by about half. This fast charger from Eaxxfly offers an 18W power adapter and 3.3ft USB-C to USB-C cable.

These are the best accessories you can buy for your Fire 7 2022 tablet. While you can use your Fire 7 as is without any additional accessories, the above add-ons will add more protection and versatility to your tablet.

    Amazon Fire 7 2022

    The new Amazon Fire 7 tablet packs a 7-inch display, USB-C charging, up to 32GB of storage, and hands-free Alexa.

If you’re buying the Fire 7 primarily for children, it would be better to pick up the Kids model over the regular model. The Fire 7 Kids costs $49 more, but it comes with additional perks, including a kids-friendly protective bumper, a two-year-worry-free guarantee, and a 1-year Amazon Kids Plus subscription.

The Fire 7 may not be the most powerful tablet Amazon has to offer, but it’s a capable tablet that can run pretty much all modern apps, including Instagram, TikTok, Netflix, Spotify, and Apple Music. You also get access to the full suite of Amazon apps and services, including Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Kindle, and hands-free Alexa.

If content consumption is the top priority, perhaps the Fire HD 8 or Fire HD 10 will better suit your needs. Check out our in-depth comparison of the Fire 7 Vs Fire HD 8 Vs Fire HD 10 to find out which tablet is the best for you.

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