The World Will Own Even More Devices in 2021

The global health issue that hit us in 2020 completely changed the way we work, communicate, and use other devices, and this indirectly impacted most industries out there.

The tech world, for example, has recorded a massive boom in terms of new device sales, especially as many people started working remotely for obvious reasons.

And Gartner says this trend wouldn’t stop here, with 2021 likely to bring 125 million more laptops and tablets in use all over the world versus the previous year.

And the number of devices currently being in use will just continue to grow in the coming years, with 2022 to also record a substantial increase.

Surprisingly, PCs are the ones taking a hit, but on the other hand, mobile devices are getting a boost.

“In 2022, global devices installed base is on pace to reach 6.4 billion u… (read more)

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