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The Unliving Preview (PC)

It all starts with a few open graves. My character easily raises three frail-looking skeletons, which might not seem like much of an offensive force. But the trio, backed by a few magic projectiles, do short work of the six humans who rush to attack us. I raise them up too and soon the undead army is snowballing beautifully, moving through groups of humans with relative ease.

he Necromancer now has a few spells to add to the bone-powered wave, which helps when the peasants get reinforcements that include some wizards and at least one werewolf. The special opponents are starting to whittle down my forces and you can’t raise the dead a second time.

The Unliving is developed by RocketBrush Studio, with publishing from Team17 Digital. The game is in Early Access on Steam on the PC. The two companies aim to get feedback from the community and improve the experience, with no definitive launch date. The title offers a mix of action and strategy… (read more)

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