The Sims 4 Will Release Paranormal Stuff Expansion Pack, Adds Haunted Houses And Séances

The first Sims 4 expansion pack of 2021 is going to be spooky. Dubbed the Paranormal Stuff pack, the life simulation game’s upcoming DLC releases on January 26.

The Paranormal Stuff pack’s general vibe is on the occult/voodoo side of the supernatural. The DLC will give players a new Lot type–haunted houses–and new gameplay like the ability to host séances. Your Sims characters can also embark on a new career as a Paranormal Investigator, if they so choose.

The trailer also showed a few of the interior decor options that come with the pack. The furniture choices look like antiques from a haunted mansion–some very cool hanging lights and ornate fireplaces here–and less impressive clothing options. Additional furnishings in the DLC include ghosts, since you’ll get a “somewhat flirty apparition” named René Duplantier Guidry. These spirits can leave behind cursed objects, or if you please them, gifts.

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