The Simpsons Brought Back The Voice Of Marcia Wallace For A Final Appearance As Mrs. Krabappel, Here’s How They Did It

The February 21 episode of The Simpsons was a special one, as it brought back the late Marcia Wallace to voice Edna Krabappel once more to give the character a proper goodbye. To do this, the producers used two lines that Wallace gave for a previous episode, and these were cleared by Wallace’s estate, which was also compensated, according to Variety.

In the episode, “Diary Queen,” Bart finds Mrs. Krabappel’s diary and, upon reading it, learns how she actually felt about him. He reads about how Mrs. Krabappel actually believed in Bart and wanted him to succeed, and this inspires Bart to be better.

“Remember, if you can teach one kid one thing, then today will be a success,” Wallace as Mrs. Krabappel says in the voiceover.

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