The online Apple Store in the US has run out of iPods for good

The iPod is one of the most iconic products Apple has released to date. Despite iPods no longer belonging in our modern world, we still acknowledge their importance in pushing many technologies further. During a limited timeline in the past two decades, iPods peaked to become an epitome of compact music consumption. Eventually, they fell — as most things do. Nonetheless, their temporary relevance shall remain engraved on many fans’ hearts. Two days ago, Apple announced that it’s discontinuing the iPod once they run out of stock. Less than 48 hours later, the online Apple Store in the United States sold out the iPod Touch 7 — the last member of the retired family. Users interested in buying this product will have to look on second-hand markets or check for leftover units at physical Apple Stores and other retailers.

Apple iPod sold out for good

When you attempt to buy the iPod from Apple’s online store, you now get a Sold Out notice. This only affects the Delivery option in the United States. The company has stated that it’s stopping the product’s sales after it runs out of supplies. So US-based users won’t be able to buy an iPod through the company’s online store ever again.

This device had been available in six finishes and 3 storage options to choose from. Regardless of the combination you go for, you won’t be able to get your hands on it. You will find sealed models in some physical Apple Stores and other markets. However, the unofficial sources will likely ask for a higher price. That’s because it’s becoming harder to get our hands on an iPod with every passing minute. If you’re keen on claiming one, the faster you act, the fewer bucks you will pay. Ultimately, the iPod Touch 7 will eventually become a collector’s item — just like its predecessors.

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