The Office Producer Discusses The Controversial Jim & Pam Storyline From Season 9

The ninth and final season of The Office featured an ongoing storyline about the marital issues that Jim and Pam were facing. Things got so bad that many viewers wondered if the couple–whose loving relationship was a throughline for the entire show–might come to an end. If you thought this might happen, that was intentional, showrunner Greg Daniels said in a new interview.

He told Collider that the writers never intended to actually break up the couple. Daniels said he wanted viewers to be worried about Jim and Pam’s relationship, however.

“The plan was never to split them up. The plan was just to introduce a little worry into the audience so that they’d stand up and pay attention and that there would be a little feeling of like the Act 2 break in a movie,” he said. “But no there was never gonna be a split-up for them. There was always a happy ending planned.”

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