The Next iPhone Could Actually Come with an Always-On Feature

The iPhone 13 lineup is unlikely to include a foldable model, but on the other hand, people familiar with the matter are now hinting at a more advanced display technology Apple could embrace for the entire generation.

Korean website The Elec writes that Apple will use OLED panels with low-power LTPO technology on the iPhone, and this would essentially include a more efficient backplane that can control pixels individually.

What this means is the technology overall is much more power efficient, so the battery life of the iPhone would eventually be increased, but at the same time, such an upgrade also allows for other capabilities, including a 120Hz refresh rate.

Needless to say, phones with this refresh rate are already available on the market, but Apple will obviously make quite a big deal about it once it makes its way to the iPhone.

And if you think Apple wants to reinvent the wheel, there’s m… (read more)

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