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The next desktop-sized OLED monitor will cost $3,500

Two Asus ProArt PA32DC OLED monitors.

Enlarge / Two Asus ProArt PA32DC OLED monitors. (credit: Asus)

OLED screens are slowly but surely making their way to desktops. The contrast-rich panel display tech is scattered across premium laptops, but when it comes to PC monitors, most options in the US are too big to fit on a typical desk. There are some, primarily from LG, but we need more options. The latest OLED looks to be the 31.5-inch ProArt PA32DC, which Asus announced Tuesday, and it will be available in October for $3.500.

Barring any surprise releases, the PA32DC should be the next member of a growing group of OLED monitors that can fit atop a desk. For a while, the OLED monitor space has been dominated by juggernauts and, even among the more moderately sized options, gaming displays. The PA32DC targets professionals and creatives to accommodate their office setup in a way that’s rare for today’s OLED monitors (the exceptions being LG’s UltraFine series of 26.5-inch and 31.5-inch OLED monitors and portable monitors using OLED).

Asus’ 4K OLED monitor has an impressive specs sheet, including 100 percent sRGB, 99 percent DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB, and 80 percent Rec. 2020 coverage. The display also foregoes a color filter, which Asus claimed helped the monitor achieve a color accuracy of Delta E <1.

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