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The Magic Leap 2 makes its commercial debut, starts at $3,299

After announcing details about its release strategy for the Magic Leap 2 during the summer, the company has now made its latest augmented reality product available for sale. Despite this, but don’t expect to just waltz into your local electronics retailer and pick one up, as this release is geared towards commercial buyers.

The Magic Leap 2 brings plenty of improvements over its predecessor, and the company even boasts that it is “the smallest and lightest augmented reality device” built for commercial use. So what does the device offer? As mentioned before, it is about 20 percent lighter than its predecessor and about 50 percent smaller by volume. These kinds of changes can make a big difference, especially when you might be wearing the device for long periods of time. It also offers the largest field of view, with Magic Leap claiming up to a 70-degree diagonal field of view. For reference, the Meta Quest 2 has around a 90-degree diagonal field of view. In addition, the headset offers something called Dynamic Dimming, which allows the device to be used more effectively in bright environments. Perhaps one of its biggest advantages over other similar headsets is that it offers improved image quality but, more importantly, provides excellent text legibility.

Magic Leap 2

If this is your first time hearing about Magic Leap, the company has been around for nearly a decade, and while its first product, the Magic Leap One, was released back in 2018, it really didn’t manage to make waves within the industry. Of course, Magic Leap is going after a completely different market when compared to companies like Meta or HTC. Despite this, Magic Leap has some confident backers believing in its vision and its products. As far as pricing goes, the Magic Leap 2 will be made available in three options, the Magic Leap 2 Base edition, the Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro, and the Magic Leap 2 Enterprise. The Base edition will cost $3,299, while the Developer Pro will be priced at $4,099, and the Enterprise will cost $4,999. If interested, you can head to the source link to find a retailer near you.

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