The Lord Of The Rings: Viggo Mortensen Reveals A Scary Moment When He Had Vertigo During Filming

Actor Viggo Mortensen was praised for his performance as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings, but as it turns out, his acting was even more impressive than we might have known. That’s because Mortensen has now revealed he suffers from vertigo, and he had an episode during the filming of a key scene in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Speaking to Lord of the Rings superfan Stephen Colbert, who also experiences vertigo, Mortensen said he rarely gets hit with a bout of vertigo but it happened during the filming of a scene for the Battle of Helm’s Deep in Two Towers. This took place while he was filming a scene involving climbing a structure and hacking at Orcs. In between takes, high up on the wall, Mortensen began experiencing vertigo; he became frozen and could not get down from the trestle.

“The first time it hit me badly [as an adult] was during The Lord of the Rings. I was doing a scene, the Battle of Helm’s Deep, all these scenes were at night and it was rainy. And there was a stairway that was about a foot wide, no railing, going up the side of a wall. There’s a scene where I’m fighting my way up, trying to get up to the top. And there’s all these Orcs coming down with their weapons. And I’m fighting them all the way up. One throws a spear sideways, and I leap over and swing my legs over the precipice, and keep going.”

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