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The Knight Witch Review (PC)

I guess I’m more of a knight than a witch. Every time I enter a room, I start blasting and moving in evasive patterns, even if there’s no enemy in sight. Some of them are good at stealth, and others move fast, so it is better to always be on your flying toes.

Even when engaged with big groups of droids, I tend to focus on movement and accurate fire, rather than my arsenal of spells. After all, hot blaster or machine gun fire is a guaranteed kill. That’s not to say that I don’t like stun daggers or lightning strikes or defensive counter-fire. They are extremely useful. I simply forget about them for long stretches of time.

When facing a boss, I launch spells as soon as I have the mana, mainly because the focus on one enemy makes it easier to fit them into a plan. The good news is that The Knight Witch gives me the space to focus on my playstyle while gently encouraging me to get more out of my magic.

The game is developed by Super Awesom… (read more)

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