The Iron Oath Preview (PC)

The pyrolancer is my most effective unit. Not only because he can deal plenty of damage to two units using one of his special attacks but because he can set a trap that effectively negates an enemy’s turn. I keep a Huntress right behind him, trying to line up high-damage shots or root enemies to the ground. My Pugilist often works on his own, dealing plenty of damage but also often taking a beating. I tend to use the Stormcaller more conservatively, mainly because it is difficult to line up chain lightning attacks, but also because he is fragile.

 The Iron Oath is developed by Curious Panda Games, with publishing by Humble Games. The game is in Early Access on Steam, set to take feedback from the community for around one year. This is a turn and party-based tactics and management experience with solid core mechanics.

The narrative starts with a betrayal that forces players to build their mercenary command up from almost nothing. The world is a pretty classic mediev… (read more)

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