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The iPhone 14 could get a performance bump, despite packing a 2021 chip

Rumors revolving around the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro have been circulating the internet for months. If they were to be accurate, the exciting changes will be occurring in the Pro department later this year. The regular models could end up being tweaked iterations of the iPhone 13 — with minor tweaks here and there. Meanwhile, the higher-end versions might ditch the notch, introduce always on display (AOD) support, receive an upgraded rear camera system, and pack a faster processor (A16).

Apple is reportedly trying to further distinguish between regular and Pro iPhones through the included chips. However, reports also indicate that chip shortages have been a catalyst in this process. Though, considering that the A15 Bionic already tops mobile performance charts, Apple re-using it on this year’s lower-end iPhone 14 variants shouldn’t be a big deal. Ultimately, it’s still a capable chipset, and the A16 could be mightier than average users’ needs.

With the regular iPhone 14 models rumored to stick to 2021’s A15 Bionic chip, questions have arose. Will the new iPhones be as fast as last year’s? How will Apple sell the device if it’s almost identical to that of last year? Well, we have some potential answers now.

According to reliable leaker ShrimpApplePro, the regular iPhone 14 models could still get an overall performance boost. The tweet states that these phones could pack a new cellular modem and have a new internal design. Considering that their launch is still around a month and a half away, we can expect more leaks to surface by then. At this point, it’s almost always clear what a new device will look like from the inside out — prior to its official reveal.

Do you plan on buying the iPhone 14, or would an older processor in a high-end device be a dealbreaker for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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