The Hunter Dev On Using Motion Capture To Create Digital Dogs

The developers of The Hunter: Call of the Wild recently introduced new DLC that brings a hunting dog to the game for the first time. Hunting dogs have been used for a very long time to track down animals and recover them, and for support and companionship in the field. The history of humans and dogs working together goes back thousands of years, in fact.

Dogs were one of the most-requested features from players, and now they’re in the game as part of a $4 Bloodhound DLC pack for the PC and console hunting game, which has millions of players.

We recently had the chance to speak to developer Expansive Worlds about the Bloodhound DLC and more. Game designer Arshak Ardeshir explained to us where the idea came from, if the dog can die (a bleak question, we know), and if more dogs might come to the game in the future.

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