The Gunk Review (PC)

I hover a thick braid of weird, dark, annoying matter, trying to juggle a few small enemies that keep popping up from a bigger mass of the same substance to attack me. It’s not difficult or fun but I need to get all the gunk away from the land to open up a new way to explore the surrounding landscape. This in turn will take me to some resources and my next objective. The ooze that has so far escaped my suction is all above me, with the camera doing me no favors as I try to get at it. Still, no gunk can escape my attention if I want to push forward.

The Gunk is both developed and published by Thunderful. The experience is out on the PC using the Xbox App and gamers can also pick it up on home consoles from Microsoft. This is a fairly standard third-person action title with some interesting elements.

The pair that drives the story forward is made up of Becks and Rani. They are space truckers trying to make a buck who stumble upon a planet where the mysterious substan… (read more)

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