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The Entropy Centre Review (PC)

The special jumping pad is frustrating me. I need to better target my fall, power an even higher jump, and then get the pad in two positions without having to pass through an anti-entropy barrier. I finally find the best positions, make the first jump, rewind time to get the pad to its next position, execute the second jump and find the door.

The game will soon introduce a range of other special objects, adding complexity to the puzzles. Speed pads will become important and the player also has to deal with barriers that reset certain puzzle sections. But I will constantly need to think about time, how I move objects through it and how manipulating its flow can get things in the right place at the right time.

The station I’m in continues to disintegrate around me, an immense catastrophe is happening, and the only chance to deal with it is to accumulate enough time energy to reverse the flow of time on a truly massive scale. All of this ca… (read more)

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