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The End of an Era: Epson to Give Up on Laser Printers

The days of laser printers would soon be long gone, as one of the leading companies in printing hardware is about to wave goodbye to this technology.

Epson has recently announced that it’s about to become fully committed to inkjet printers, as the company is planning to stop the production of laser printers by 2026.

Here’s everything you need to know.

As noted by GHacks, Epson has already stopped the sales of laser printers in the majority of markets out there. However, some countries in Asia and Europe continue to sell this type of Epson printers.

The company, therefore, plans to completely ditch laser printer hardware by 2026, with customers in these markets to continue to get consumables and spare parts until a later date when the business would be completely ditched.

“Explaining these decisions, the company cites the greater potential of inkjet to make meaningful… (read more)

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