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The Dream of a Windows 11 Phone Lives On as Unofficial Project Makes Progress

While Windows 10 Mobile was at one point supposed to become a true competitor to iOS and Android, Microsoft had a completely different plan in mind.

And we all know what happened next, with both Windows 10 Mobile and the phones running it eventually getting the ax.

However, the dream of a true Windows phone lives on, all thanks to a project started by the skilled developer Gustave Monce. The work on this project started a long time ago, and the purpose is essentially to bring Windows 11 (the full version) to a Microsoft Surface Duo.

By default, the Surface Duo runs Android, but with the right work, it appears it could also handle the ARM version of Windows 11 as well.

The most recent version of the project, detailed on GitHub, comes with notable improvements, as Windows 11 on the Surface Duo now has Wi-Fi, cellular data, and even GPS. Furthermore, the developer says users would s… (read more)

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