The Division 2 Gets New Content This Week After a Long Drought

After more than a year of no new content, Ubisoft has suddenly announced Season 9 for The Division 2 will drop on May 12. Apparently, Warlords of New York was supposed to be the game’s last major expansion, but since The Division 2 still performs very well for Ubisoft, the studio decided to form another team to continue to support the game.

This is a smaller team than the original one that worked on all the previous additional content for The Division 2, but what they lack in numbers make up in determination. Anyway, Season 9: Hidden Alliance introduces a new enemy, a Division traitor named Captain Lewis, protected by four high-ranking members of the True Sons.

Additionally, the upcoming piece of content brings a new co-op mode, new weapons and gear, as well as a new feature that lets players improve equipment through use. The new co-op mode has eight players work together to restore stability to a power plant infested with enemies and other hazards. The players ha… (read more)

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