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The Adoption of Windows 11 Finally Gains More Pace

New figures released by Valve for Steam provide a closer look at the adoption of Windows 11 in the gaming world.

And as it turns out, Windows 11 is finally gaining more pace, with the month of November generating an increase of no less than 4.61 percent on Steam.

However, Windows 10 continues to be the top choice on Steam despite a 3.31 percent drop recorded last month. Windows 10 is now running on 65.60 percent of the devices where Steam is installed.

Windows 11, on the other hand, is now running on close to 28 percent of these computers. The third choice in the charts is the 64-bit version of Windows 7, now with a share of 1.88 percent on Steam but down 1.71 percent.

Windows 11 2022 Update

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