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The 2023 BMW i7 proves a luxury car doesn’t need internal combustion

A BMW i7 with mountains in the background

Enlarge / BMW is now confident enough in its EV powertrains that it’s made a fully electric 7 Series alongside the gasoline-powered versions. (credit: Jonathan Gitlin)

PALMS SPRINGS, Calif.—For decades, automakers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz have fought each other in group tests for the title of “world’s best car,” an honor awarded by various magazines. The battle has usually been between the 7 Series and the S-Class, with occasional challenges from Lexus. Jaguar and Cadillac often trail behind.

Today, there’s a serious new contender for the crown as BMW’s newest generation 7 Series goes on sale.

I got hooked on cars-as-technology during the early ’90s, and what a way the cars have come since, as powertrains have pushed new limits and energy sources, and interiors have become more cosseting and protective of their occupants.

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