Thank You Apex Legends: I Can Once Again Easily Admire My Cool Guns In The Middle Of A Match

Respawn has added a new Survival Slot Button option to the settings in Apex Legends. This means that controller users can now go back to using the d-pad to inspect their weapon.

In the Chaos Theory update, Respawn added a brand-new item to Apex Legends: the heat shield. Alongside the mobile respawn beacon, this item goes into a new slot in your in-match inventory, which is called the survival slot.

When first added, this slot was automatically mapped to the d-pad input previously used for weapon and heirloom inspection. Folks on mouse and keyboard could easily remap the inspection prompt to another key or mouse button, but folks on controllers only have so many buttons. So weapon and heirloom inspection was remapped to the quip wheel.

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