Texas Emergency Alert Mistake Warns Residents To Look Out For Killer Doll Chucky

Texas residents received a bizarre message via the State’s Amber Alert system last week, asking them to be on the lookout for the evil horror movie doll Chucky. A “test malfunction” led to the message to be sent to Texan mobile phones no fewer than three times.

As reported by CBS Local, the emergency alert was sent out January 29. The message stated that Chucky was a suspect in a kidnapping, and provided a description of the cursed doll. Residents were asked to look out for a 3’1″ male wearing “wearing blue denim overalls with a multi-colored striped long sleeve shirt and carrying a large knife.” Chucky’s race was listed as “doll.”

The alert also gave details of Chuck’s alleged victim, a 5-year-old male named Glen. However, horror fans will recognise the image that was issued as that of Chucky’s son Glen, from the 2004 film Seed of Chucky. It’s unclear if this alert is part of Child’s Play movie canon and if Chucky has actually kidnapped his own doll son.

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