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​​​​​​​Terraformers Preview (PC)

Even with Earth-based imports, I have too little food. I want to drop down a new set of apartments, to boost population and open up expansion, but also to create an entirely new city. Neither of those will happen in less than 3 turns unless my rover and satellite exploration uncovers a cache of food supplies. 

In the meantime, I ponder how to rearrange a city layout to make an entertainment center deliver the best results. And what kind of massive terraforming project do I want to undertake next. Making Mars even slightly more habitable for humans is a massive undertaking and there are plenty of ways to fail.

Terraformers is developed by Asteroid Lab, with publishing in the hands of Goblinz Publishing and IndieArk. The game is now in Early Access on Steam, set to arrive in the 1.0 version in a few months. This is a mix of city-building and resource management set on Mars in the near future.

The setup is easy to guess: the player is in charge of making the Red Plan… (read more)

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