Telegram Announces Massive Update with Reactions, Spoilers, Interactive Emoji

Telegram has just announced another huge update, this time with plenty of new features that mobile users are going to absolutely love.

First and foremost, Telegram is getting reactions, and they are available in both private chats and group chats and channels. However, keep in mind that reactions are only enabled by default in private conversations, whereas in groups and channels, admins are the ones that can activate them.

Then, Telegram is being updated with Spoilers, a new feature that allows users to send messages without revealing information that others may not want to see.

“To discuss the fates of Ciri or Peter Parker without spoiling the fun for others, select any part of your text when typing and choose the new ‘Spoiler’ formatting. This will hide the selected part of the message in the chat, as well as in the chat list and notifications,” Telegram explained.

Interactive emoji in Telegram

One of the most useful new features, however, is… (read more)

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