Tekken 7 Adds Polish Prime Minster Lidia To Its Roster This Week

Tekken 7’s latest addition to its roster might be its strangest one yet, which is saying something in a game that features killer CEOs, Lucha libre wrestlers, and actual demons. The previously-revealed Polish prime minister Lidia Sobieska will be added to the game as part of Tekken 7’s Season 4 pass on March 23, and her martial art of choice is Karate. You can see her practice those chops and kicks in her debut trailer below:

Lidia’s involvement in the King of Iron Fist tournament comes from a desire to end the turbulence affecting Poland, which has been caused by Tekken antagonist Heihachi Mishima’s corporation.

“Lidia has always been an upright and resolute woman. She believes that justice requires absolute power, which is why she has shown great interest in karate from a very young age,” Bandai Namco’s official bio for Lidia reads. “The loss of her father stoked her interest in the family tradition of politics. Lidia showed great qualities in both areas, entering and winning her first karate world championship at 18, and more recently being one of the youngest rising stars in the Polish political arena. The war started by the Mishima Zaibatsu is greatly affecting Poland and she is committed to settle the situation with her own fists.”

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