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TaskbarXI turns your Windows 11 taskbar into a macOS-like dock

Microsoft overhauled the taskbar and Start Menu for Windows 11, but not everyone is happy with the new look and feel. Stardock is one utility that replaces the updated Start Menu with something closer to how it looked in Windows 7 or Windows 10, and now there’s a new third-party tool for customizing the taskbar.

TaskbarXI (via Ghacks) is a new application that adds additional customization options to the Windows 11 taskbar, developed as a successor to the popular TaskbarX tool for Windows 10. It’s still in the early stages of development — there’s not even a graphical interface yet — but it does work. The main feature right now is that it can shrink the taskbar into a compact dock, much like the dock on macOS and iPadOS, which stretches back to full size when a window is maximized.


Credit: TaskbarXI

The utility also supports multiple monitors, separate DPI scaling, and splitting the taskbar into left and right panes. Changing the taskbar background style and color is currently in the works, along with a simple graphical interface for updating the settings. There’s no option to move the taskbar to the sides or top of your screen, but someone did request it as a feature — if you have a GitHub account and want to see that feature added, click the thumbs up button on the original comment.

If you want to give TaskbarXI a spin, you can download the latest release from GitHub. The current version is “for testing purposes only,” as the developer notes you have to use the Task Manager to shut down TaskbarXI and restart the Windows Explorer to apply changes.

Microsoft is still working on updates for the Windows 11 taskbar and Start Menu, though the company is unlikely to add some of the customization options that third-party tools like TaskbarXI are working on. Multi-monitor support for the taskbar arrived in the preview builds back in July, along with a new search box in the Start Menu.

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